The aim of Grosvenor House is to re-integrate students back into school. If students stop wearing uniforms in their time at the provision, it will make their return to school much harder.

All students are expected to wear their school ties in terms 1-5. In term 6 due to the warmer weather pupils can wear a plain white polo shirt without a tie.

We therefore expect students to wear the school uniform of their original school.

We expect all uniform to worn in a conventional manner e.g. trousers not tucked into socks and skirts worn at knee length. Examples are too numerous to list and so the bench mark will be what is conventionally acceptable.

The wearing of items of jewellery should also be kept to a minimum for safety reasons. Only wristwatches and one small stud per ear are permitted. All other piercings and items of jewellery should be left at home. If they are brought into school, students will be expected to place them in their locker until the end of the school day.

Students not wearing school uniform will be required to change into uniform supplied by the service. Failure to do so will result in students being sent home to change.

Items of Value

Valuable items such as mobile phones, jewellery, money and bus passes cannot be protected from theft or damage whilst in the possession of students.

At the start of each day we will ask students to place their belongings in a locker, thus ensuring that if items of value have to be brought into the provision, they will remain safe. Students will not have access to the lockers throughout the day.


Just like any school, attendance is compulsory at the provision. If absence is unavoidable please inform the office on the 1st day of absence with the reason. Any unexplained absences will be taken up by Attendance Officer.

Lunch Time Arrangements

Our lunch break is short at only 30 minutes. Students are requested to bring a packed lunch with them if not eligible for free school meals. Students will not be allowed off site during the lunch break.

All food must be consumed in a supervised room.

School Day

For the majority of students school starts at 8:45am and finishes at 2:30pm.

Break time will be around 10:45am and lunch time will be around 1:00pm depending on the timetable.

You will be informed what your child’s timetable is, and will be notified if/when any changes occur.

Rewards & Sanctions

For every session of the day, student will be graded according to their behaviour and learning using a Green (excellent), Amber (satisfactory), Red (poor) system.

A letter will go home to parents every week with the percentage scores for behaviour and learning.

When a student has 90% green scores in a week, and have been in school for at least 3 days that week, they will obtain a certificate and well as an entry into the termly raffle.

Any red scores given will incur a pink slip to be sent home at the end of the week.

If student get 4 red scores in behaviour in a single day, their sanction will be time after school on that day.

If students have 3 days of having time after school in a week, a phone call to parents will be made to advise them that a change in behaviour is required.


If your child lives more than 3 miles away from Grosvenor House, he/she will be entitled to transport provided by the Grosvenor House in the form of a Young Person’s Travel Pass.

Please inform the office if there are any transport issues for your child.

Please also notify the office if your child is going to be late.

Grosvenor House will only provide one replacement bus pass per year. Further replacements will be at a cost of £10.

If there are any changes to your child’s travel arrangements please can you inform the office and if you need a change of travel pass or any further information you can contact the Public transport unit on 03000 41 84 84 or youngpersonstravelpass@kent.gov.uk